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Does Ace3ds plus support NTRboothax and how to do?

The cheapest NTRboothax card to buy is Ace3ds plus. Yes, now this ds flashcard can also support NTRboothax exploit on 3DS firmware consoles too. How to use it with NTRboothax to install B9S/Luma3DS CFW and can it be flashed back to play ds games? Here are your answers.

ace3ds plus ntrboothax

Is Ace3ds plus supporting NTRboothax?

Yes, the Ace3ds plus card is also compatible with NTRboothax, someone has posted it in the Gbatemp forum. So now from the, we have 2 cards to choose for using NTRboot method, one is the old Ace3ds plus the other is the new Ace3ds x.

Ace3DS Plus can now be used for NTRBoot

Just as the title says. Credits go to the devs in this github post, but don’t post there asking for support or they might get pissy. Use at your own risk, I offer no support as I did not develop this, I only helped test it with successful results.

You’ll need the .firm in THIS ZIP. Place it inside a folder called “ntrboot” on the SD card that will go inside your Ace3DS Plus.
You’ll need
this patched version of ntrboot_flasher.nds
Launch the patched boot flaster after opening your Ace3ds Cart on your 3ds
Choose Ace3ds Plus
Make a backup if you want. It’ll be located in the ntrboot folder on your sd card inside the ace3ds (You’ll need this if you want to use it for NDS games again)
Choose inject flash

If successful you should be able to now use your Ace3DS plus for NTRboot

How to use Ace3ds plus to flash NTRboothax to install B9S/CFW?

Thanks for one of our customer who owns the Ace3ds plus flashcard, after his testing, this method is working well with the Ace3ds plus and he write us a detailed tutorial, if you still meet any probelm when doing so, welcome to join our discaord app to discuss with one called “iF Koko2K”.

Step 1) – Download the ACE Wood and AOS from the Ace3DS Website and put them in the Root of your Micro SD Card. Ace3DS Website:

Step 2) – Download the .Firm Provided Below and then Create a Folder in the Root of your SD Card and Name it “ntrboot”. Inside this Folder Insert the Unzipped Files Located in the .Firm File that you have Downloaded. .Firm:

Step 3) – Download the ntrboot_flasher.nds Provided Below Since this has been fully Rewritten for it to work on the Ace3DS Plus. Rename the File from “ntrboot_flasher_nds.nds” to “ntrboot_flasher.nds” and Place it in the Root of your SD Card. ntrboot_flasher.nds:

Step 4) – Open your Ace3DS Plus Flashcart on your 3DS and then Run ntrboot_flasher.nds. Once this is Open Select Ace3DS Plus and then Dump Flash after this Process has been Completed hit the B Key and now Select Inject Firm. Once these two Processes have been Completed hit the Home Key. If the Process has been done Correctly the Ace3DS should NOT Appear on the 3DS Menu.

Step 5) – Congratulations you can now use your Ace3DS Plus for NTRBoot! You may now use NTRBoot to Install Boot9Strap. You can continue this process using the 3DS Guide Website Provided Below.

3DS Guide Boot9Strap Tutorial:

Can Ace3ds plus be returned back to play ds games?

Yes, the Ace3ds plus can be reversed to play DS games again after removing the NTRboot, but you should make a flash backup of Ace3ds plus ahead of flashing it with NTRboothax. Remember to select Ace3ds plus for having ds mode back, and the Section V – Removing ntrboot is the instruction you can follow.

Which is a better NTRboot card, Ace3ds plus or Ace3ds x?

If you want to buy a cheap NTRboothax flashcard, Ace3ds plus is the one. But if you want to choose a simple to use and one with pre-flashed NTRBoot exploit, the Ace3ds X is what you need. Both of them can be bought from, we are send you them from America, only require you select USPS shipping. Then you can get a Ace3ds plus or Ace3ds x card in USA within a week!

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