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Deep analysis on FAQs from TX|Must read before buying SX Pro/SX OS

This post is for analyzing some Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS FAQs for you, you may feel some of them are a little confusing, so we are writing this article to clarify some important questions to you. Then before you buy the Xectuer SX Pro or SX OS license for the Nintendo Switch, read our post firstly!

xecuter team switch faq

Analyzing SX Pro and SX OS FAQ

A: When will SX Pro and SX OS be released by Team Xecuter, 10th, 12th or 15th?
Q: There are rumors that Xecuter SX Pro or Xecuter SX OS will be formally released out and given to the official resellers ahead of the releasing date mentioned before by Team Xecuter. Some says 10th, the other says 12th, but both of them are not confirmed by the TX. So don’t believe that. Currently the most possible releasing date is still 15th of June, if anything changes, you should know from the Team-Xecuter site in the first time.

A: How does Xecuter SX OS be shipped?
Q: You should know that Xecuter SX OS is a license code for downloading and activating SX OS CFW on the Nintendo Switch. So you can order it but it is no need for shipping. Normally, if you buy the Xecuter SX OS from any reseller, they should e-mail you the SX OS code not really ship it out when it’s released.

A: Will you need activation code if ordering the Xecuter SX Pro?
Q: No need, if you buy the Xecuter SX Pro, the SX OS CFW in already in the USB Dongle, you are no need to get the activation code for downloading the SX OS CFW. That’s to say, you won’t be firstly get the Xecuter SX OS code too. For both OS CFW and Pro kit, you will receive after the Xecuter SX Pro delivered to your location.

A: Does Xecuter SX OS/SX Pro support on Nintendo Switch V5.1.0?
Q: Yes, from the official site, they don’t write down directly that SX OS or SX Pro support Nintendo Switch V5.1.0. What they say is SX OS supporting all the Nintendo Switch firmware versions, of couse, it includes the current latest Switch operating system V5.1.0. So don’t worry, even if you already updates your console, the SX Pro or SX OS is still working.

A: Will you be Banned for using SX OS CFW on the Nintendo Switch console?
Q: Some Nintendo Switch hackers use Homebrews on their console are be Banned by Nintendo for some Online Service, reason is not known yet. But Team Xecuter has tested their Pro and OS, no ban risk, Everthing goes fine, but remember one thing, Don’t play online after installing SX OS CFW to your console. You are at you own risk, this is being said by the Team Xecuter.

A: Can you use it play eshop, physical, games larger than 4gb?
Q: On the Nintendo Switch with SX OS CFW, you can play the game backups from physical cartridges, you can play roms larger than 4GB, but you can’t pirate the eshop Switch games and you can’t play games online without buying the Nintendo Online service.

A: Are you safe to update games, download DLC when on SX OS CFW?
Q: Just don’t play games online, you are safe to enter into Nintendo Eshop app to update games or by game dlc, it’s not a problem, don’t worry. Also even on the Switch SX OS CFW, you can choose boot Original CFW as well, so you can switch between them, it’s not a forever Nintendo Switch hack.

A: Is SX OS of SX Pro tied to the usb dongle and the console?
Let me answer to you shortly. You can only use one SX Pro to Jailbreak one Nintendo Switch console, if you want to hack another one, you should get another SX OS license code.

A: Is SX OS tied to your license code and your console?
Q: Samely, if you only buy one SX OS license code, you can only use it on one Nintendo Switch machine. It can’t work on the others. 

A: Do you need to buy an extra sd card for using SX Pro?
Q: No, you have no need to buy an extra sd card, the SX Pro itself is working without the SD Card. But if you want to download more games to your machine to play, you can buy a larger size microsd card, like 64gb or 128gb.

A: Does SX Pro support TV mode as well?
Q: Yes, Team Xecuter never says about it before today, but now we get a confirmed answer from them with the help from a gbamtemp memeber. The site confirms SX Pro is supporting TV mode. After you install OS CFW on the console, remove the Pro USB Dongle, you can use it for TV Mode.

Functions&Features are and aren’t supported by SX Pro and SX OS

They support They can’t support for now
  1. Compatibility for all firmwares and regions.
  2. Support pirating Game card Roms.
  3. Support Homebrews.
  4. Support booting OS CFW and Switch CFW.
  5. Support AutoRCM.
  6. Support chargable.
  7. Support firmware updatable.
  8. Support TV mode.
  9. Support game updates, game dlc and eShop access.
  10. Support fat32 and exfat.
  11. Support savegames and update data sharing between both SX OS and the original Switch OS.
  12. Support trimmed XCI files.
  1. Emunand is not supported.
  2. Cheats is not supported.
  3. Online gaming is not recommended.
  4. Game backup is not supported.

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