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Compare all Nintendo Switch Docks, which is the best one to buy?

The exspensive and bulky original Nintendo Switch Dock should not be your only option for connecting the console to the TV. In fact, as time passing by, there are many 3rd party Switch portable docks showing online and being available to buy already. Here, I will list you some popular brands like Nyko, Kacosata, SFANS, C-Force and more. Plus, for letting you choose a good quality and cheap Nintendo Switch dock replacement, you can find their comparison chart in this article too.

Official Nintendo Switch Dock Set

nintendo switch official dock set

This Switch docking kit is really expensive($90) even it comes with some other Nintendo Switch accessories. However, before the releasing of those following 3rd-party Switch docks, we have no other choice but to buy this set for playing games on a bigger screen like a TV. With the traditional Nintendo Switch Dock set, you can easily play your Switch games for TV Mode, but you will meet some troubles as well, like the overheating。

Nintendo Switch Dock Set Include (Nintendo Switch):

  • Functionally identical to the dock included with the Nintendo Switch system
  • Maintain multiple Switch docks in your home to easliy move from one TV to another
  • Includes a Nintendo Switch dock, Nintendo Switch AC adapter and high speed HDMI cable

Hot Nintendo Switch 3rd-Party Docks

Switch Nyko portable docking kit

nyko nintendo switch dock

Enable TV mode on the go with Nyko’s Portable Docking Kit for Nintendo Switch. Portable Docking Kit allows you to connect your Nintendo Switch to any HDMI TV without needing to bring your dock with you. Its compact design allows it to fit in most travel bags. A removable support piece is located on the bottom and is inserted on the top of Portable Docking Kit to keep the Nintendo Switch upright when outputting to the TV. Portable Docking Kit is powered by the included Type-C AC adapter and will keep the Nintendo Switch charged while playing. Use Portable SwitchDocking Kit to play in table top mode and charge at the same time when not outputting to a TV. Features two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port on the back.

This alternative Nintendo Switch docking kit is from the famous company Nyko, it has a very lower price, sold at $49.99 in Amazon. But it won’t be available until October 31, now this dock is in pre-order status. So if you need a Nintendo Switch cheap dock urgently, you should take other choices.


  • Connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV without needing to bring your dock with you
  • Powered by a Type-C AC Adapter (included)
  • Compact design
  • Enable TV mode on the Nintendo Switch(HDMI cable included)
  • Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port


  • 【Plug And Play】Specially designed to replace your original Nintendo switch dock,connect the Nintendo Switch to a TV without bringing the original where to buy zovirax tablets dock with you.
  • 【Portable】With small size and lightweight design,you can put this dock in your pocket or a case and take it to anywhere you like
  • 【Heat Dissipation】Precise cutout vents at the top,bottom and the back of the dock,Not to mention no more issues with overheating
  • 【Updated Version】This dock contains with electronic chip,enjoy playing your Switch with no hassle
  • 【What you get】1*Nintendo Switch replacement dock,12 Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 24 Hour dedicated email support.

Kacosata Mini Portable Switch Dock

nintendo switch 3rd party dock

Kacosata Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement HDMI Adapter has been updated. Now, the latest version is this cheaper, better and cooler Mini Dock for Nintendo Switch, of course, it supports Audio & Video output to bigger monitors at up to 4K/30fps, also with 3 USB ports, which can expand more peripherals at the same time, such as pro controller/network card/3rd-party AC adapters. Additonally, it enables mobile phone and laptop switch to TV(included a Type-C port).

It is the second-generation Nintendo Switch alternative Dock from Kacosata team. Now, this device is really combing a Dock with HDMI adapter and Type-C adapter. It must be your ultimate dock to buy for Nintendo Switch, because it nearly supports all functions you need and with a cheap price low to $40. Now, buy the Kacosata portable Switch dock replacement from, you can get an extra voucher code via e-maling to [email protected]

Functions and Features 

  1. Compact Design – Specially designed case to replace your original Nintendo switch dock. This performs the exact same way as the original dock that came with the Switch. When power is applied to the converter board then it will automatically switch to tv mode.
  2. Light and Travel Friendly – More portability. To be able to play your Switch on a various TVs without having to use the bulky dock made by Nintendo.You can put it in your travel case.
  3. Better Ventalation – The build quality is solid. It has more air holes for air intake.Prevents Switch device from scratches versus the original dock.It won’t block the vents.
  4. Full Compatibility – It supports more 3rd-party USB devices, like pro controller/network card/unofficial AC adapters/power banks.
  5. Easy installation – You just take out the circuit board chip from the original Nintendo dock and install it to this replacement case.
  6. What You Get – You will get extra 6 screws and 2 screw drivers for tightening the top dock to the bottom.(Circuit board chip NOT INCLUDED).Please scan the QR code to watch the installation video.
  7. High quality – The dock chip is made of very high-end material, can be durable for long time use.
  8. Lowest price – With the cheapest price among all hot Switch Portable Dock.

SFANS HDMI Adapter for Nintendo Switch

sfan nintendo switch dock replacement

Though it’s not really a “dock” in the sense that it’s a station that holds your Switch, the functionality is still the same. The SFANS portable dock acts as a bridge between your Switch and your TV, connecting to your Switch via USB-C and the TV via HDMI. The adapter also serves as a USB hub for the Switch.The left side sports two USB 3.1 ports, and the right side has an additional two USB-C ports. Like that standard dock, this one charges your Switch as you play, and it features four other USB ports (two USB-C and one USB-A) to provide power to other things like your Pro Controller or Joy-Con charging cradle.

Unlike the bulky hollow brick of the traditional Switch dock (I exaggerate but go along with it) the SFANS adapter is a svelte little dongle. It has all the ports you need for an HDMI signal, USB-C power, and USB 3.1 accessories like keyboards or Ethernet adapters. Attach everything you need, plug in the short USB-C cord to the Switch tablet itself, and watch your game appear on your TV about as quickly and consistently as with the dock you’re used to. One basic SFANS Adapter costs $59 (around £45) plus shipping – that’s 45 per cent off the retail price. Alternatively, you can get one with an included HDMI cable and stand for $69. Another comes with an additional charger and USB-C cable for $79.

Switch Dock replacement HDMI Adapter C-Force

Nintendo switch hdmi cable adapter

C-Force replaces your Nintendo switch dock with far more portability and ease of use. Not to mention no more issues with overheating. C-Force also supports Samsung S8/S8+, you can enjoy all your contents on the bigger screen. It gives you many needed ports to the new MacBook/MacBook Pro and ChromeBook. The HDMI can be a life saver for video presentations and with the USB-C hub you can connect far more devices.


  • 2 USB-C 3.1
  • 2 USB-A 3.1
  • 1 USB-C PD Power (up to 100w)
  • 1 HDMI Video Output (Nintendo Switch Max resolution: 1920×1080 pixels, MacBook/MacBook Pro Max resolution: 4096×2160 pixels)


  • Enable TV Mode on Nintendo Switch anywhere
  • Supports TV Resolutions up to 1080P/60fps
  • Powered through your Nintendo Switch USB Type-C AC Adapter

Which is the best Dock to buy and should we buy it from Ebay/Amazon?

You will find that the best alternative dock for Nintendo Switch is the Kacosata one, after seeing the chart below. It with the lowest price but with full functions and the greatest TV resolution. But currently it is not available to buy in either Amazon ot Ebay site, where you can get it? Don’t worry, our site 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM is already getting it in stock and preparing well to ship it out for you. We support paypal/credit card payment, free shipping, worldwide delivery and voucher code for purchasing this portable mini Nintendo Switch Dock. Now what you should do is emailing to [email protected], then get the discount to buy it with a much lower price.

Nyko Kacosata C-Force SFANS Nintendo Switch official Dock
Price $49.9 $40 $69.99 $59 $90
TV Resoultion 


4K  1080p  1080p   1080p
Support HDMI adapter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support heat dissipation
Yes Yes No No No
Portable? Yes Yes No No No
Is it a Dock? Yes Yes No No Yes
Available to buy in Amazon or Ebay? Yes, for pre-order. No. Yes No Yes

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