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Sky3ds+ vs Stargate 3ds, which is much faster for hacking 3ds games?

Both Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds+ are hacking 3ds games to play freely on all 3DS firmware consoles in 2018. But which one is better and faster to be used to play free 3ds games? Here we test the 2 cards on a new 2ds xl and an old 2ds to show you the answer. Sky3ds+ Plus Skydock Sky3ds+ is released ... Read More »

Stargate 3ds testing video, is it working on V11.6.0 to play DS/3DS/CIA games?

Confirmed, the upcoming 3ds card Stargate 3ds is 100% compatible with 3DS V11.6 and it is really playing both DS/3DS games on your 3DS family handhelds. Here is the latest Stargate 3ds video to give you more details on the flashcard, also in the post, we can tell you more about Stargate-3ds card you may not know. Stargate 3DS Test ... Read More »

RPG Maker Fes, will it be the best RPG 3DS Game in 2017 for US and EU?

Those in USA and Europe, you can make your own RPGs with the upcoming game RPG Maker Fes 3ds. The game, first launched in Japan on November 24, 2016, allows players to make their own RPGs using a wealth of pre-made assets without knowing for programminng. According to announcement by NIS America, this game is planned to be bring to ... Read More »

Which to choose in 3ds-flashcard|The best deal with voucher code and free gift!

Which to buy in, is it easy and safe to pay in your site and lastly, do you send any free gift or coupon for registered members? Dear viewers in 3ds-flashcard site, if you have questions on us and flashcard, I will solve them here. For any problems are not be answered here, just e-mail to, we checks ... Read More »

3DS Zero Time Dilemma review, download and supported by 3DS R4i chip?

Which is the newest and hottest 3ds game currently? That is Zero Time Dilemma, the game will be released for the PlayStation VIta and Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe on June 28th, and in Japan on June 30th. It has PC version too, which is planned released worldwidely on June 30th. In this post, I’d like to share ... Read More »

R4 3DS Youtube|Test and Setup R4, R4I, R4 3DS card on 3DS(XL) 10.7/10.8

Searching for the 2016 R4, R4I or R4 3DS Youtube Video? No need to waste the time, you can view the latest R4 3DS Youtube here. The following youtube videos show you Which R4/R4I 3DS cards still support on 3DS XL and 2DS 10.7.0-32, and all of these 3DS XL(2DS) R4 cards work on NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS LL consoles ... Read More »

What are the top DS and 3DS Games supported by R4 flashcard?

I’m very new to the Nintendo 3ds but i know the ds and 3ds game is very funny to play. So which nintendo 3ds game or ds game that i should never miss while using the R4 flashcard? Can you give me some recommendations? Yes, here is my answer for you. R4 card supports 3DS and DS Game? Partly yes, ... Read More »

New Monster Hunter title|Monster Hunter Cross will be released for 3DS

With the upcoming Nintendo E3 conference, we have many great 3ds games can be expected to released in the year 2015. Here introduce you an officially accounced amazing one Monster Hunter X (Cross) 3DS. Monster Hunter X (Cross) 3DS Like the best selling Monster Hunter game MH4 Ultimate, the Monster Hunter X Cross will be a 3DS-exclusive one. It is ... Read More »

Is there a 3DS 9.8 exploit support to run free games and homebrews?

Any 3ds exploit still work on 9.8 firmware? If there is, does any one can support free games or hombrews on nintendo 3ds and new 3ds console? The post here is for solving the problem. Which 3ds exploit work on 3DS 9.8.0? Regionfour: Yes, the region free game loader can support 3ds/new 3ds 9.8 firmware with develper Sealum confirmed and ... Read More »

NEW 3DS/3DS 9.7 and 9.2 Region Free Exploit| RegionFour is coming!

Thanks to Smealum's harding working, now NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS console with 9.7 and 9.2 firmware users can play other region 3ds games, bypass the forced game updates on cartridges with his new 3DS Exploit RegionFour. Or if your NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS is stay on v4.1 to v9.5.0-22, you can try Regionthree with SKY3DS card with this tutorial RegionFOUR is a region free ... Read More »

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