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How to get 2017 free eshop 3ds games to play with freeshop taken down?

If you still do not know and intendo to use the freeshop to download eshop 3ds games in 2017, now you can not do that. Why? Because when you head to freeShop listing on GitHub, you’ll be greeted with a DMCA takedown notice. You can read the whole notice from Nintendo here too. So with the removing of freeShop, how ... Read More »

How to Play Free Mario&Emulate Games on Your 3DS or NEW 3DS in 2017?

Does the Super Mario Run recall your good memory to play Mario game in the past? Will you like to have more Mario games to play and for free? Here, if you own one DS, 3DS or NEW 3DS console, downloading and playing Multiple Free Mario games on them is not a problem. Let me tell you All the 3 ... Read More »

How to unban 3DS if use R4/R4i card to play Pokemon Sun/Moon/other games online?

Recently, if you have questions on how to unban 3ds after play Pokemon Sun/Moon/Other games online but get error code 002-0102. You can find the solution here. And in our post here, before answer you this question, we tell let you know which is the best way to play Pokémon S/M, whether or not you will be banned for using ... Read More »

What’s Gateway 3ds tutorial for playing Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS?

Though Sky3ds+ users need to wait for a new update, for those of you have one Gateway 3ds card, you can use it to download and play Free Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS right now! If you do not know what to do, don’t worry, a very nice guy in gbatemp forum writes the step by step Tutorial, we will show ... Read More »

What’s the game download code for R4 3DS/3DS card users and how to use?

To every R4 3DS flash card or 3DS card(Sky3ds, Sky3ds+, Gateway 3DS) users, you can get exclusive game code to download Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Super Mario and other 3DS/DS games here. 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM will share you a free game code in this post ang guide you how to get it and use it online to download Pokemon/Animal Crossing/Super Mario games. 3DS ... Read More »

What’s Gateway support for 11.2.0-35 and 3ds 11.2 Autofirm(for downgrade)?

Here explain to youGateway 3ds cardand 3DS 11.2.0-35 firmware, Autofirm update for 3DS 11.2 Downgrading. What’s Gateway support for 3DS 11.2.0-35? It is confirmed by users and the official site,Gateway 3ds card supports 11.2.0-35 version without problem. But if you are the Gateway 3ds or 3ds newbies, I must say to you that Gateway 3ds card is not working on ... Read More »

5 Things most people don’t know about Gateway 3ds card

No matter you already have the Gateway 3ds card or plan to buy Gateway 3DS in future, please read this post to know more about Gateway 3ds hack. Then you won't choose it or use it mistakely for the 3DS family consoles, including 2ds, 3ds and new 3ds devices. 5 Things you should know on Gateway 3ds card Gateway 3DS ... Read More »

GW update for 3DS V11.1,new Gateway launcher.dat supports Firmware not Emunand 11.1?

GW team does the quick response for 3ds update 11.1.0-34 as usual. The launcher.dat in both GW ultra public 3.7 firmware and beta 4.2 firmware has been udpated at the same time. Will it let Gateway 3ds card supports 3DS 11.1.0-34? Does it mean compatibility for 3DS 11.1 Emunand or Sysnand? Let me explain to you here. Gateway 3ds updating ... Read More »

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