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SX OS v2.4 beta updated for supporting Switch FW 6.2.0 and other features

Finally the best CFW Xecuter SX OS is updated for supporting Switch 6.2.0 firmware, its latest version is V2.4 Beta not the rumored 3.0. We will be able to play newer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Free on Nintendo Switch thanks to sx os 2.4. By the way, it’s still a beta version. So what are the more details of ... Read More »

[News]SX OS 3.0.0 will be released for Nintendo Switch 6.2 firmware

Big news, SX OS 3.0 will come soon, The Xecuter team changes forum and announces the arrival of the 3.0 update for the SX OS operating system with support for the Switch console’s 6.2.0 firmware. So, what’s the detailed information? Should we buy Xecuter SX Pro/ SX OS License to hack Nintendo Switch 6.2? Folloing us, answers on the below. SX ... Read More »

[News]Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 has been cracked by hacker for using CFW

Big news here: Nintendo Firmware 6.2.0 has been cracked!! Thanks to the hackers, it means we will be able to use SX OS/SX Pro again on Nintendo switch 6.2.0 firmware console soon. And how Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 is being cracked already for CFW now? Your answer is here. Nintendo Firmware 6.2.0 has been hacked Well this is a bit of sad ... Read More »

Anything you should know about Switch System update 6.2.0

What happened on Switch firmware 6.2? Firmware 6.2 changed the way the Nintendo Switch derives it’s package1 keys. The new method makes use of the TSEC keys. This effectively patches Atmosphere, ReiNX, SX OS and any other CFW until these keys are broken. I’m on Switch V6.2, can I still do anything? You can still run implementations of switch-linux (this ... Read More »

How to softmod Nintendo Switch with any firmware for free games?

By softmodding your Nintendo Switch, free games, homebrews, switch storage expand and many advance hacks can be true on your console. But the question is, how you to softmod Nintendo Switch console? Which is the best tool to buy for softmodding the Switch? Here you can get answers. How many ways to softmod Nintendo Switch? Origin of hacking Nintendo Switch: Hacker ... Read More »

SX OS 2.2.1 released for hacking Nintendo Switch V6.1.0

SX OS CFW has updated at today, SX OS 2.2.1 beta released, So, What’s the content of SX OS 2.2.1? it’s known Nintendo Switch 6.1.0 also came out, can SX OS 2.2.1 work on it? Should we updated SX OS 2.2.1? On the below, we will show the answers to you. What’s news of SX OS 2.2.1 BETA? This update ... Read More »

Which R4 card hacks Switch V6.0.1 and 3DS V11.8.0 with Cheat feature?

R4 cards can hack both the Nintendo Switch and 3DS, the News is that some of them even supports Cheat feature on Switch V6.0.1 or 3DS V11.8.0. Which are they? You can know from this post. The Cheat is the function lets you pass difficult game level easily with cheats code such as More Coins, Always Bigger, Never Die and ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.0.1, which homebrew/cfw/flashcard isn’t patched on it?

BigN announced Nintendo Switch new firmware “6.0.1″, Can Homebrews work on Nintendo Switch V6.0.1? Which CFW supports on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1 firmware? Can we still paly switch game with SX Pro on Nintendo Switch V6.0.1?  Today, following, you can find the answers on the below. Ninten Switch Firmware v6.0.1 Changes Nintendo Switch has received a new firmware update today and now you can find ... Read More »

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