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Anything you should know about Switch Systen update 6.2.0

What happened on firmware 6.2? Firmware 6.2 changed the way the Nintendo Switch derives it’s package1 keys. The new method makes use of the TSEC keys. This effectively patches Atmosphere, ReiNX, SX OS and any other CFW until these keys are broken. I’m on 6.2, can I still do anything? You can still run implementations of switch-linux (this includes Lakka) ... Read More »

Dose SX OS Pro works on new Switch firmware 6.2.0 ?

Nintendo Switch firmware just updated to V6.2.0 from V6.1.0, for anyone of you has SX Pro or SX OS in used on your Switch, please do not update for now. will soon post another article to show you how to update SX OS for using on Switch V6.2.0, here let’s just check the details of Nintendo Switch system version ... Read More »

Which Switch flashcart support playing free Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee and Pikachu?

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! and Pikachu! can be downloaded to and played already on your Nintendo Switch with some flash carts. What are them? Which Switch flashcart is the best one to choose and where we can download the free Pokemon Switch games? Following us, you can get the answers here. Nintendo Switch Flashcarts 2018 Nintendo Switch being hacked is ... Read More »

SX Dumper V1.0.0: New Switch homebrew supports dump cartridge to .XCI files

The latest news from Team Xecuter: an official homebrew available since yesterday November 14, 2018 for users of CFW SX OS, it is called SX Dumper, currently version 1.0.0. So what is it for? how to use it ? news about the SX OS License update? On the below, you can find the detailed information. What’s the news of SX ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch Ban, what’s the cause and how to avoid it if hacking Switch?

Will Nintendo Ban your Switch if you hack it with installing CFWs like SX OS, and what are the causes of Nintendo Switch ban? For those of you want to hack the Nintendo Switch but feel worry of being Banned, let’s try to find a solution here.  Causes of a Nintendo Switch Ban The most obvious causes are: Installing NSPs ... Read More »

How to softmod Nintendo Switch with any firmware for free games?

By softmodding your Nintendo Switch, free games, homebrews, switch storage expand and many advance hacks can be true on your console. But the question is, how you to softmod Nintendo Switch console? Which is the best tool to buy for softmodding the Switch? Here you can get answers. How many ways to softmod Nintendo Switch? Origin of hacking Nintendo Switch: Hacker ... Read More »

SX OS 2.2.1 released for hacking Nintendo Switch V6.1.0

SX OS CFW has updated at today, SX OS 2.2.1 beta released, So, What’s the content of SX OS 2.2.1? it’s known Nintendo Switch 6.1.0 also came out, can SX OS 2.2.1 work on it? Should we updated SX OS 2.2.1? On the below, we will show the answers to you. What’s news of SX OS 2.2.1 BETA? This update ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch firmware 6.1.0, does it block any current hacks(SX Pro, CFWs and Homebrew)?

A lots of changes has been seen on Nintend Switch 6.1.0 firmare, so the current hacks(SX Pro, CFWs and Homebrew) are being blocked or still working? Here lets gives you the answer. Updates and Changelog of Switch firmware 6.1.0 Like always, Switch 6.1.0 update makes “system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience” and fixed 2 little bugs listed below. If ... Read More »

All Nintendo Switch modchips 2018, which is the best one to buy in USA?

There are 4 Nintendo Switch modchips in 2018, do you know what are they? what are their differences and which is the best mod chip to buy for Nintendo Switch? If you have these questions, read our article here. First of all, why the Nintendo Switch can be modded by the following modchips? This is because of a hardware mistake ... Read More »

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