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Nintendo Labo for Switch: what is it and everything you should know

What’s the new way of playing with Nintendo Switch? The company has answered us this question today, it is their upcoming DIY toys’ kit- Nintendo Labo. Which is described as a  “new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch,” according to Nintendo. The labo is developed to extend the age audience for ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch First Emulator for PC-Yuzu play games now?

Yuzu, the first Nintendo Switch emulator for PC( including Windows, Mac and Linux) is announced and under developing by creators from Citra. What should we know about the Switch emulator Yuzu? Can it already play games on a PC and will any emulator to be designed for playing free games on Switch? Here you can get answers. Nintendo Switch Emulator ... Read More »

3DS FAQ 2018, what you must know before buy a 3DS/2DS XL?

In 2018, to those of you plan to buy a 3DS or a New 2DS/3DS XL and the ones who just get one of them, please read this 3DS FAQ article to know better on your console, to make fully use of it, even to hack it to play free games, run homebrews or install custom firmwares! 3DS FAQ-Which to ... Read More »

Breaking news-Nintendo Switch will be hacked by Team-Xecuter?

The old Xecuter team is working on hacking the Nintendo Switch and it will release a product soon for setting up CFW(Custom FirmWare) on the latest Nintendo gaming console with any firmware version. You can know the whole story from here. Team-Xecuter and Nintendo Switch In the light of a recent presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany we’ve ... Read More »

How to mod Switch system 4.1.0 with the right way?

Latest news on modding Switch Nintendo releases a new system version, that’s v4.1.0. Switch OS kernel has been accessed and dumped by hackers already. If you want to go homebrews and more hacks on Switch, stay firmware 3.0.0. Recently, Switch new system version 4.1.0 is released and available to download. It brings a regular“stability improvements”and also includes a fix for ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch Firmware version 4.0: What are the new functions and is it hackable?

Nintendo has just issued firmware version 4.0.0 for their portable and home gaming device Switch. The new system V4.0 is a surisingly solid one, bringing us many desired features and new functions, including the 30 secondes‘ video record for select games, user profiles and save data tranfer, pre-purchase & pre-load for Eshop contents, even the Nintendo Switch Controller can be ... Read More »

Compare all Nintendo Switch Docks, which is the best one to buy?

The exspensive and bulky original Nintendo Switch Dock should not be your only option for connecting the console to the TV. In fact, as time passing by, there are many 3rd party Switch portable docks showing online and being available to buy already. Here, I will list you some popular brands like Nyko, Kacosata, SFANS, C-Force and more. Plus, for ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch updates to V3.0.2|Is it hacked by Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds?

Another new system version has been released for Nintendo Switch, the 3.0.2 is updated on 5th, Sep, 2017. What have been changed or added on this new Switch System? Is the N2 Elite still working on it to play 200 free Amiibos and our best flashcard Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds, can hack it to play Nintendo 3ds or ds games? ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch: 3.0.1 system is out, what to notice?

Nintendo Switch system is updated again, this time we have the newest version 3.0.1. It is not a major upgrade compared with the last v3.0, but if you are the Switch console users who suffer from the terrible battery power displaying issue, I will strongly recommend you to do this system update and resolve it with v3.0.1. At the same ... Read More »

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