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SX OS 2.0 FAQ, What’s the Emunand, how and why to install it to Nintendo Switch?

Recent days, Team Xecuter released SX OS 2.0, the big reform really can share with Nintendo Switch Hacking fans and players, So, what’s the detailed news of SX OS 2.0? How to install EmuNAND with SX OS 2.0 on your Nintendo Switch? On the below, we will show the news and answers.  What’s EmuNAND to the SX OS for the Nintendo ... Read More »

AceNS for Switch released, what is it and is it better to buy than SX Pro?

The ACE team announced their new AceNS flashcard, which allows you to inject the payloads into your Switch console and enjoy the games in NSP format. We can say that it is an effective linker for the Switch console. AceNS for Switch released, what is it and is it better to buy than Xecuter SX Pro? Following us, we will give you ... Read More »

SX Gear|The best Nintendo Switch payload injector(dongle) in 2018

Today, Team Xecuter updated the SX Gear’s new feature on the official site, TX Announces SX Gear now shipping along with ‘improved’ custom payload launching, and as for the newest Nintendo Switch payload injector on the market, IS it the best Nintendo Switch payload dongle for Modding Nintendo Switch? How to get the SX Gear to hack Nintendo Switch? On the ... Read More »

Confirmed, SX Gear will be released in the second week of September!

For those of you waiting for the releasing of SX Gear we would like to tell you that, its launching date has been confirmed already. Though the TX doesn’t post an announcement on their official site, us, the official reseller of SX PRO/SX GEAR/SX OS has already told by the Team Xecuter about it. SX Gear or Xecuter SX Gear ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking, are SX OS, ReiNX and Atmosphere still working?

The next big update for the Nintendo Switch firmware has been leaked ahead of release. While it doesn’t look like it’s adding anything particularly revolutionary, some of the information is rather interesting. What’s new in the Switch 6.0.0 update? Nintendo Switch V6.0.0 Hacking, are SX OS, ReiNX and Atmosphere still working? Following us, we will show the answer to you on ... Read More »

Why SX OS 1.8, 1.7 released in 1 day and which to use for hacking Switch?

The best Nintendo Swith CFW-SX OS has got 2 updates nearly within 24 hours, why is the SX OS V1.8 released so quickly after the SX OS V1.7, what are their differences and which should we choose for hacking the Nintendo Switch v5.1.0 or future V6.0.0 firmware, let me give you an answer here. SX OS 1.7 and SX OS 1.8 ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch firmware 6.0-New user icons,NES/SNES controllers,and other features

Before the next Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0 formally released, there are many new updates are leaked recently according to a thread in Reddit. Many Switch hackers have found out that Nintendo has already uploaded the Switch 6.0.0 firmware to their servers early before it goes live. They have searched through the files and found out about a number of possible features coming to ... Read More »

Homebrew 3ds 11.8|Are Ninjhax, Freayhax and any R4 card working?

Nintendo 3DS system updates to the version 11.8.0-41, so will we update this 3DS firmware to the latest version ? Can we still use a R4 3DS or 3DS flashcard to hack 3DS or New2DS XL 11.8.0-41E ? The CFW or exploit of Ninjhax Luma3ds support pirating 3DS 11.8 without being banned ? Today you will find a solution.  Is ... Read More »

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