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Can Xecuter SX OS support play online, emunand, backup games?

Team Xecuter updates its SX PRO and SX OS FAQ again, read the following to have a full check on it, it shows you more future feature of Xecuter SX Pro, its currect compatibility for Emunand and Homebrew, the most important thing is, the Xecuter SX OS only takes up 16MB on a Switch microsd card. Xecuter SX OS V2 ... Read More »

Xecuter SX Pro|Eshop games,region free,homebrew,OS and more FAQ

Can Xecuter SX PRO work on the latest Nintendo Switch firmware V5.0.2? Will it play both physical and eshop games on the Switch? And is it region free, homebrew compatible? In our post here, you can know all about the Only Switch modchip-Xecuter SX Pro. FAQ on buying Xecuter SX PRO&SX OS Q: When will the Xecuter SX PRO and SX OS be available ... Read More »

Team Xecuter SX Pro for Nintendo Switch, what is it and where to buy in USA?

The first Nintendo Switch modchip released, that’s the Xecuter SX PRO(and SX OS) made by the famous Team Xecuter. This Switch SX Pro with SX OS is used to install TX Custom Firmware on any Nintendo Switch firmware and region consoles, so users are finally getting free Nintendo Switch games to play. Xecuter Switch SX Pro is currently in Pre-order status, ... Read More »

Seedminer 3DS Guide-how to use Seedminer on 3DS to install CFW?

Recently, a new way to inject Dsiware hax to 3DS released, that’s the Seedminer made by Gbatemp member Zoogie. This method can install Boot9strap using Dsiware on 3DS V11.6 and only needs a single 3DS system to work. So how to use Seedminer on Nintendo 3DS to get 3DS CFW and is it a easier way than the NTRboot method, ... Read More »

All facts about Nintendo Switch Online Service, what we must know?

One day ago, we finally get more details about the Nintendo Switch paid online service, it will begain on this September, support cloud saving, cost $20 per year for a person and the most surprising part, it will allow us to play 20 NES games on the Nintendo Switch. Want to know more about the Nintendo Switch Online Service? Just ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch V5.0.2: Which card(R4,Sky or Gateway) can work on it?

A brand new Nintendo Switch firmware was released again, that is V5.0.2. As like the last update on March, it is a regular Nintendo Switch system update, no big features added but fixed 2 tiny bugs. Here you will get to know updates on Nintendo Switch V5.0.2, HB/CFW status and Flashcard options for a Nintendo Switch console with the latest ... Read More »

[2018]Are Etrian Odyssey X and Pikachu 3ds roms available now?

The last and upcoming Etrian Odyssey X or the newly released Detective Pikachu 3ds game, will they be available to download from the Internet? Can we play the free downloaded Etrian Odyssey Cross and Detective Pikachu roms on a Nintendo 3ds console? The answers you can find in our article here. Etrian Odyssey X(Cross) 3DS The last Etrian Odyssey game ... Read More »

EZflash omega 1.01 kernel and Firmware 3.0, what are the new features?

EZflash omega updats so quickly in these day, now the latest v1.01 kernel and v3.0 firmware are both released out. Where to download them, how to update and what are the new features? You can check all from here. What’s new for EZflash omega V1.01 kernel and V3.0 firmware? The latest ezflash omega kernel and firmware improves console and microsd ... Read More »

EZFlash Omega User Guide and V1.0 Kernel is here

EZ flash Omega released out some days ago, recently, v1.0 kernel for that flashcard was launched too by the official site. From our post here, you will learn how to setup the ezflash omega to play Free GBA games and find the direct link to download the V1.0 kernel. EZFlash Omega V1.0 Kernel Kernel V1.0 is available to download from ... Read More »

EZflash Omega released, which seller to choose and how to buy with paypal?

EZflash Omega finally be released by the official site, you can see some pictures about this last GBA flashcart from our post here. Also, you will know which ezflash official seller to choose and how to buy the flashcard with paypal on the Internet。 EZflash Omega-GBA Flashcard work on Nintendo DS/DS Lite EZ flash Omega Play free GBA/GB/GBC/NES games with ... Read More »

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