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How to play free Nintendo Switch games on PC, Android and Switch?

How to hack Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic on the market, with the development of hack technology, we can completely crack the Switch by Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS to launch the free games on the console. Can  we play free Nintendo Switch games on PC, Android and Switch? How to do it? Following us, we will show the ... Read More »

What’s Classic 2 Magic/(C2M) and where to buy in USA?

When the NES and SNES Classic Editions were released, many fans hoped for a way to play their NES and SNES cartridges through them, but as you know that is not impossible. Well no more! With Classic 2 Magic you can dig out your old SNES cartridges and play them directly on your SNES Mini Classic. Any game, from any ... Read More »

Nintendo switch emulatator VS SX Pro, which supports free games on Switch?

As a reliable video game fan, there is no one who is not passionate about Nintendo Switch, the latest Nintendo console. With the success of E3 in 2018, more and more games for the Switch would come soon. On the other hand, thanks to the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, we can even play free games on ... Read More »

SX Pro, the steps to run into RCM mode and SX OS V1.4 news

Now the Nintendo Switch console is hacked, so you can play Switch games for free with a Xecuter SX Pro or OS, and you can install a homebrew launcher to run software, tools. And some players also complaint on RCM mode, and don’t know what’s the steps to run RCM mode. On this article, we will show the information of ... Read More »

Where to get 3ds download codes for playing free DS/3DS roms on V11.6.0-39?

In these days, we meet many customers who have questions on our free 3ds download code. They are asking that what is it using for? Is it a download code for Nintendo Eshop? How to get free games for 3DS with this rom code? After answering them, we feel we also can tell to the public about the 3ds download ... Read More »

Which card supports downloaded 3ds roms on NEW 3DS XL and 2DS console?

If you are looking for the card to play downloaded 3ds roms on new 3ds xl or 2ds console, so there’s no need to buy the 3ds games one by one but you can still play all these games and this card may even work on the 3ds v11.4.0-37u/e/j, read my article here, you will find the best solution. Which ... Read More »

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