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Where to buy free skydock or sky3ds plus skydock with the best price in USA and CA?

The brand-new Sky3ds+ tool-Skydock is released out already, so where you can get it for free and which site selling Sky3ds+ card with Skydock with the best price in USA&Canada? If you can’t decide which reseller to choose for purchasing the 2 3DS hacking pruducts, please allow me to give you suggestion here. Skydock and Sky3ds+, what are they? Sky3ds+-it ... Read More »

Which 3DS and Switch games are free to play in and after Nintendo 2017 ‘Summer of Play’ Tour?

This year’s ’Summer of Play’ Tour has been confirmed and revealed by Nintendo of America recently. In these years, NOA has done a great job, of showcasing various games at expos and at its own special events, expecially in the summer tours. And now in the 2017 summer play tour, when will it begin, where will it take place and which 3DS or Switch game we ... Read More »

Does N2 Elite support on New 2DS XL to play free games&amiibos in USA?

Which flash card works on New 2DS XL to play free games and amiibos, is it the hot selling item-N2 Elite? This product even can be used on Nintendo Switch while there is no any other hacking device for Switch. Here, in this post, I will tell you N2 Elite hacks New 2DS XL for what and the correct flashcard ... Read More »

How to buy R4 card, Sky3ds+, N2 Elite with Paypal or Credit Card way in USA?

This post is for guiding you buy R4 card, Sky3ds+, N2 Elite or any other item in USA site with Credit Card or Paypal payment. Affter we add all the 3 payments(Paypal, Master Card, Vista Card) in our site from the last week, many of our customers find it is a little confused to choose which one and how ... Read More »

Which card supports downloaded 3ds roms on NEW 3DS XL and 2DS console?

If you are looking for the card to play downloaded 3ds roms on new 3ds xl or 2ds console, so there’s no need to buy the 3ds games one by one but you can still play all these games and this card may even work on the 3ds v11.4.0-37u/e/j, read my article here, you will find the best solution. Which ... Read More »

Warning: Do not update Gateway emunand to 3DS 11.4 and 11.3

Gateway 3ds has also responsed to the latest 3DS FW 11.4.0-37. You can check the following update made by Plus, we, as the official reseller of GW card in USA should give a waring here too. Do not choose this 3ds game supported card if your console system version is out of v4.1 to v9.2, unless you can ... Read More »

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