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Which card supports downloaded 3ds roms on NEW 3DS XL and 2DS console?

If you are looking for the card to play downloaded 3ds roms on new 3ds xl or 2ds console, so there’s no need to buy the 3ds games one by one but you can still play all these games and this card may even work on the 3ds v11.4.0-37u/e/j, read my article here, you will find the best solution. Which ... Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Flashcart-latest news, updates and recommendation(2016-2017)

This post is for collecting latest news, updates and recommendation on Nintendo 3ds flashcarts. We will keep it updating in 2016 to 2017. If you want to get (R4)3ds flashcarts first-hand news, know them better&deeply and then make the right decision to choose a flash card for Old 3ds, New 3DS consoles, you would better read on our article here ... Read More »

Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ or R4i gold deluxe, which to buy in 2016?

Which 3ds flashcard is still working and updating in 2016? Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ or R4i gold deluxe,Which is the best one in 2016? In this post, you can find the answer and won't choose the wrong 3ds game flashcard for your Nintendo 3ds/new 3ds consoles Gateway 3ds Gateway 3ds, the first 3ds flashcart in the market and keeps working and ... Read More »

3DS System 10.2 Warning-Buy Sky3ds for 3ds 10.2 and choose Gateway for emunand 10.2

For the latest Nintendo 3ds new system 10.2.0-28, here is a warning for you. Sky3ds card is the direct 3ds game hacking card for 3ds 10.2.0 firmware, but Gateway 3ds card, it supports 3ds emunand 10.2 not 3ds sysnand 10.2. Don’t choose a not working flashcard for your 3ds/3ds xl hand-held. If you are still confused on the two cards, ... Read More »

Is it right to buy R4 for playing 3ds games on JP 3DS/NEW 3DS console?

Please read this post before you buy R4 card for playing 3ds game! It is not a single case that 3ds gamers who want to play free nintendo 3ds games buy the R4 3DS card by mistake in our, so we want to claim that No R4 card can be purchased for 3ds game roms in this artticle. And ... Read More »

Gateway 3DS-The best 3DS flashcart for Nintendo 3DS (XL)

Which is the best 3DS flashcart for 3DS games and DS games ? The answer is the Gateway 3DS,but not entirely. The Gateway 3DS was released almost one year.Their are a few more powerful 3DS game flashcarts were released after the Gateway 3DS. In my opinion Gateway 3DS is the best 3DS flashcart.If you want to 3ds-linker the gateway 3DS ... Read More »

What’s the difference between R4I 3DS RTS , GOLD PRO , GOLD 3DS, and 3DS deluxe ?

R4i 3DS RTS, Gold Pro, R4i Gold 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition What’s the difference between these flashcarts. They are both the famous flashcart for Nintendo 3DS,3DS XL,2DS,DSi and DS consoles. To the new users, it’s diffcult to find out the difference between these card. In this article I will show you the difference. R4i 3DS RTS The ... Read More »

Which is the best flashcart for Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DSi/DS console ?

Which is the best flashcart  (R4 and 3DS) for Nintendo 3DS/2DS/DSi/DS ? There are so many flashcarts in the market,it’s really hard to figure out the best. Base on the funtion,quality,usage,and price. We will show which flashcart can fill your needs. Remember the best is not always the right. Flashcarts Only Support DS games and some emulator(GBA,SNES..) R4i SDHC 3DS ... Read More »

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