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Can Xecuter SX OS support play online, emunand, backup games?

Team Xecuter updates its SX PRO and SX OS FAQ again, read the following to have a full check on it, it shows you more future feature of Xecuter SX Pro, its currect compatibility for Emunand and Homebrew, the most important thing is, the Xecuter SX OS only takes up 16MB on a Switch microsd card.

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Xecuter SX OS V2 FAQ

Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well?
A: The initial release of SX OS will have support for running homebrew software for all firmware versions. In the initial release, launching the homebrew menu can be done by starting the photoviewer application while holding the R button on the Joy-Con. A file called “hbmenu.nro” needs to be on the root of the microSD card and a folder “switch” needs to contain all the homebrew applications.

We will naturally continue to improve homebrew support and easy of use in future update.

Q: When you put your Switch into Sleep mode, do I need to insert dongle again upon waking up?
A: No, you don’t. Just resume playing where you left it

Q: Is it possible to install Game Updates (and does it requires to be on the latest firmware)?
A: Yes, you can install game and system updates. The game updates can be applied following Nintendo’s usual rules, which sometimes requires you to be on the latest or a higher firmware than your console’s current firmware.

Q: If a game runs natively on an OFW x.yy and above, can SX OS run the game even if the console has a lower firmware?
A: Currently no. We have added that request to our list of features to look into.

Q: Does SX OS supports online gaming?
A: SX OS supports playing online. However, we can’t guarantee Nintendo is not able to detect you are using SX OS. So playing online is at your own risk.

Q: Can I buy one SX Pro and one SX OS license separately, and use the dongle and tool with two switches?
A: Yes, you can buy additional SX OS Licenses and use one dongle and tool for all your Switch consoles.

Q: Which file format does SX OS support? What about split files?
A: We support both FAT32 and exFAT. SX OS will also try to look for split files in the form of “filename.xc0″ “filename.xc1″ “filename.xc2″ and so on to support ROMs larger than 4GB on FAT32.

Q: Does SX OS support Emunand?
A: Currently it doesn’t. This is a feature we can add in the future, but it is low in the priority list because of the small interest to the general public. But because Xecuter SX is also used by advanced users, we will add Emunand support at some point.

Q: Can I backup my games with SX OS and create my own game ROMs?
A: Currently there’s no easy way to backup games with SX OS. We will add support for this in an update.

Q: Will you allow the use of different payloads?
A: We will allow it. Custom payload can be put on the microsd card. Details will follow.

Q: How much space is used up on microSD for SX OS?
A: Only 16MB. To clarify, our OS will not alter in any way your microSD game & homebrew capacity.

Xecuter SX Pro and OS V1 FAQ

To check more FAQ for the Switch modchip Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, go to this post.

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