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Ban from playing Pokemon SUMO online is permanent or can be solved via some method?

Read this article to know mostly all about this time’s 3DS Ban caused by pirating Pokemon Sun or Moon games, its origin, its error code, its influence to 3DS and its solution. Once again, if you are preparing to use hacked 3DS console to go online with Pokemon SUMO games(such as cia format), stop it right now.

3DS Online and Eshop ban-When and What’s happening?

Pokémon Sun and Moon already comes to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and North America on November 18, 2016. It will arrive in Europe on November 23, 2016.

But at the beginning of November 2016, the 2 games already leaked to the public. People began playing, data mining, and uploading the game to the internet. Then, trouble comes, since the last week, we got and found many 3DS BAN reports from sources like GBA Temp, 4Chan and Reddit.

These people who played Pokémon Sun and Moon online claimed they have been receiving a error code 002-0102 message any time they attempt to engage in online activities on their Nintendo 3DS systems. When they attempt to do things like go online within the game or even do something like visit the eShop, they receive a message saying, “This device’s access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo.”

3DS Online and Eshop ban-Who are being banned from Nintendo 3DS?

Currently, from the reports online, the people who are getting ban from Nintendo can be divided into 3 parts. If you are not any one of them, you are totally free to goline with Pokemon Sun/Moon. Good luck to you.

Group A

Group A are people who downloaded the leaked version of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and have also accessed online content of these games and have been banned.

If you are in this group, there is a small chance that you was not banned for whatever reason. If this ban is indeed permanent, be thankful and let this be a lesson to learn.

Group B

Group B are the people who have gotten thier hands on access to a physical cart of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon ahead of game official releasing time. These people have accessed online content and have also been banned. This Includes review copies and it seems like Nintendo have told reviewers NOT to go online. And here is the experience of one member in Reddit. All i know is, if you went online before release, at least in the US, a ban is almost certainly coming your way.

Long story short, played sumo online early a while ago with the 0 version; didn’t get banned. I now have the version .16(.32) and have been playing online with no problems since official release. However, one hour ago I and 6 of my friends (who all also went online early) received the banhammer. It seems as though all i lost was access to the eshop and the mii stuff, as for my friends i can’t say as they’re at work and can’t currently check, will update when i find out. I can still play games online, just no eshop/mii stuff.

To sum things up, if you went online early and didn’t get banned, odds are its coming and you eventually will be.

Other things to add, I used the FBI delete title and ticket method for the 0 version, and still received this ban. I started a new save, and still received this ban.

This of course is just a CAUTION and not engraved in stone proof for users who went online early, odds are your bans are still coming. It seems as though they’re slowly rolling out in waves.

Group C

Seems like people are getting both error ban codes for just having CFW. Not sure if its just a false claim or Nintendo are banning people just by having CFW. These claims seem to be verified by more CFW or APLH users. So stay in tune.

P.S : If you do not fit in one of these 3 groups, then you should NOT be banned. There are people claiming to be banned from just having the game or just by having CFW. However, these are NOT confirmed so are most likely false.

Gateway 3DS andSky3ds+ User

sky3ds+ pokemon update

The 3DS online(eshop) ban has nothing to do with the 3ds flashcarts like Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds and Sky3ds+. But if you are the cart user of any these 3ds carts, recommend you do not play the Pokemon Sun&Moon games. Because GW is not good for playing the 2 games in .3ds format. Sky3ds and Sky3ds plus are not supporting Pokemon SUMO now. 

You should wait for update on them, maybe a new AP check this time.But they just do not support 3ds Pokemon Sun&Moon for a short time, you still can play other Pokemon 3DS games such as pokémon omega ruby, pokémon alpha pokémon sapphire pokémon x&y and more with them.

What Error Message you will receive after getting a Ban on 3DS?

3ds error code

All the Banned 3ds consoler users are receiving a error code 002-0102 message on their device.

Error Code: 002-0102


You receive the error code 002-0102 when attempting to connect online.

What to Do:

If you continue to experience this issue, please contact Nintendo by calling 1-800-255-3700. Representatives are available from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

How long does the 3DS online Ban will last on 3DS?

Nintendo has not specified a length of time for these bans. For the time being, no one can give you confirmed answer. History suggests that the ban will only last about 15 days but we dont know at this point. Since physical copies of the game will also get you banned, it seems like this is a blanket ban and not a ban for the people will illegitimate copies of the game.

Plus, in a customer service email Nintendo is sending out in Germany, bans won’t be undone and “undoing this is out of the question.” You can read it in full below.

3ds ban

How to avoid and solve 3DS online/eshop Ban?

If you are still not getting this Ban, the easiest way to avoid the ban is to just not download the ROM, REMOVE THE ILLEGAITIMATE COPIES OF SUN AND MOON FROM YOUR DEVICE. do not use cia that was shared on that iso site and 4 chan had its string version changed from version .32 to version .0. It seems like this could get you banned even if you access online after the 18th.

If you are not lucky and already be banned online play, this is working for most people to fix that. THIS WILL NOT FIX ESHOP/MII; ONLY ONLINE SERVICES WITHIN GAMES. KEEP IN MIND THIS METHOD HASN’T WORKED FOR EVERYONE, JUST MOST PEOPLE

There is another Tutorial too, from gbatemp forum. THIS IS A9LH ONLY!

This tutorial will help get the 3ds working on the eshop and online games. I cannot confirm account based things like pokemon bank still work, but i would assume they do. Note that your friends list and games will still be there. Also note: you cannot access nnid settings after being banned, even after this method. You’re eshop history will also disappear.

Here is what you will need:

  • the banned 3ds
  • An unbanned 3ds
  • Decrypt9 running on both.

Now here are the instructions:

  1. boot up decrypt9 on the unbanned 3ds.
  2. Go to sysnand options and dump you friendcodeseed_B
  3. Put the sd card in the computer and backup the file you just dumped.
  4. Download this.
  5. Now on the banned 3ds, go into decrypt9 and dump secureinfo_A
  6. Open secureinfo_A in a hex editor. The very last line should be your 3ds console id. To confirm this, it should match up to the code on the back of your 3ds. Without changing the first 2 letters, just change some random numbers and make a new id.
  7. After that, put all 3 files you made/ downloaded in the files9 folder of the banned 3ds.
  8. Go into decrypt9 on the banned 3ds and inject all 3 files. Congratulations your 3ds is unbanned.

This only seems to give you access to online for games and not access to NNID services such as the E-shop. We dont know the side-effects of doing this to your 3ds so i do not recommend anyone doing this unless they know what they are doing. At this point, its best to wait 15 days to see if the ban is removed.

Is there other 3DS Ban recently, for example, playing dragon quest 7?

NO. Now the 3DS online or eshop ban is only targeted at the most Popular Pokemon Sun&Moon, for playing other 3ds games, whatever you play with CIA format or with flashcarts(Gateway 3DS,Sky3ds+), it is Safe, No ban!

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