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2017 cheapest and best GBA flashcart-EZflash Reform Review

Get a flashcart to play free GBA games on the GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL consoles is still a right choice in 2017 and 2018. So to those of you who is looking for a cheap and good GBA flash card to buy, here let me introduce you the EZFLASH REFORM, which is just released by the famous team EZFLASH one month ago and supports a lower price.

Plus, in this article, you will see the in-depth review of ez-flash reform card, showing you that what the EZ-Flash Reform is about, how it performs and what are the difference/improvements compared to the older versions EZ4/EZ 3IN1.

2017 GBA flashcard-EZflash Reform

Thanks to the great work and regular update of EZFLASH team, in 2017, we have another new gbaflashcart to use. That’s the EZ-FLASH REFORM, the official site releases this new version card to replace the old ones EZFLASH IV and EZ-FLASH 3IN1. So it has all features and functions of them and supports a similar lower price.

EZ-FLASH Reform- the  2017 new GBA flashcart works on GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL console to play free GBA games. It is the successor of EZ-FLASH IV and features a replaceable battery, a spare case and the use of EZ4 new kernel. EZ-FLASH Reform supports perfect size fit to any Slot-2 of consoles, compatible with EZ4 and EZ3IN1.

Updates and features:

  • Reduced the PCB size significantlyTwo spare cases in the box
  • Change the case easily to suit the all consoles
  • Battery replaceable (CR1220)
  • Works similar as EZFLASH IV
  • Using new EZ4Kernel
  • Supports Micro SDHC up to 32GB(which should be enough for the entire library of GBA Game)

EZ-Flash Reform Deep Review

Package and Image

cheap 2017 gba flashcart ezflash reform

It includes:

  • 1 * PCB Board
  • 2 * Card ases(one big case and one small case, you can change the case easily to suit the all consoles)

Cart and design

As you can see, the cart does look quite modern and you can see a Micro SD slot on the side of the top and bottom. The bottom item pretty much looks like a normal GBA Cart apart from the modern design. The box also has quite a modern look with a Nintendo DS on the front with an orange box (The cart I think) on the DS.

  • It says in the bottom left corner that it supports Micro SDHC Cards.
  • In the bottom right corner it says that it supports GBA, DS and DS Lite.

Kernel and game compatibility

EZflash reform is working with the latest kernel for EZFLASH IV. The most version is V2.04, user can download from here. Now with the newest kernel 2.04, transferring of GBA roms via EZ4_Client on PC is no longer needed, as the EZ-Flash Reform flashcart itself will patch GBA roms. I have tested aroundt 50 GBA roms, most of them can be patched by the flashcart normally, while only about two GBA games can’t be played normally after being patched. One is Double Dragon Advance, because this GBA game itself doesn’t need a save file. The other is Mother 3, since the picture shown wasn’t complete.

EZ4 Kernel 2.04 DOWNLOAD



Softwares and Hardwares

Hardwares Softwares
  1. New PCB, about half of the size of the old EZ Flash IV. Due to this fact, the PCB can better fits into the shell for the NDSL.
  2. Adopts battery holder design, making is more easily to change the battery.
  3. TF card slot gives up the old click design, with no spring – pure physical plug-in/unplug, more reliable.
  4. Better molding and more delicate material.
  5. Two spare shells, better fits into GBA/GBA SP, NDSL consoles.
  1. There is no problem in the NORFlash chip itself. There may be accidental white screen or blurred screen problem when using GBA blacklit model to flash GBA roms to NOR memory, which results from unstable voltage.
  2. Again, like always there is no RTC(real time clock), RTS(real time save), and also it takes time to flash roms to NOR memory. But anyway, what matters is its reliability for GBA players.
  3. The EZ-Flash Reform flashcart is better in battery saving, which I guess is partially due to its newly-designed PCB.

Price and where to buy?

Like I said above, it is indeed a cheap gba game flashcart to buy for your any GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL handhelds in 2017. Its price is no more than $48. However, the other brands like the Everdrive GBA and Supercard dstwo+, they are costing you as high as 100$ and 60$. So why not to choose this much cheaper one? It supports most GBA roms and is not hard to use. More importantly, ezflash reform is coming from the reliable site EZFLASH.CN, which is developing gbaflashcarts from a very early year.

As to where to buy this EZ-flash reform, just choose one retailer from its official webpage here  And yes, we is one of its dealers. For now, we don’t have ezflash reform in the American stock, but we also can send it out with multiple shipments(Free/Express) and tracking numbers to the worldwide. We also support Paypal/credit card payment, Refund&Free Exchange and if you plan to purchase ezflash reform now, you can get a discount to use. Our site is on the Chistmas Promotion, place the order, you can see the voucher code to use, it will save you 5 dollars.

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