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2016 Sky3ds Preview and the best Price in this Christmas

What is the future of sky3ds in 2016? Will it region free, will it support new 3ds games and will it support homebrews? By the way, regrading to the upcoming  Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday, can offer the best price on sky3ds card with rom download code service.

Sky3ds will be region free in 2016?

It is unlikely to sky3ds card, cause sky3ds is fully emulates the 3ds game card to run on 3ds system, if the team let the card region free, they must change a new hacking way on their card sky3ds. So this feature should not be removed in 2016. But guys, don’t worry, the homebrew 2.5 which from Smealum is a great tool for sky3ds card, use sky3ds to run cubic ninjia hack, you guys can play other region 3ds games even with the region locking sky3ds.

Sky3ds supports new 3ds games in 2016?

There is the possibility, why to say that? It is also related with the Hans in Smealum’s homebrew 2.5.

Smealum’s new HANS application, meant for ROM Hacking, New 3DS CPU tune-ups, Language changing and more, bypasses Nintendo’s New Anti Piracy check.

This check was implemented on Newer 3DS games, effectively and indirectly killing Sky3DS’s compatibility with these games.

Some Games That Were Affected By This Are:
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer​
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon​
  • Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heros​

Gateway users were quickly accommodated by this, as the firmware is easily upgradable.

I have tested this with my Sky3ds and the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer JPN ROM (t o which I own the USA version)

Sky3ds supports homebrews or emulatos in 2016?

Using the 3ds game card emulating tech, sky3ds can’t support homebrews or emulators by itself.  So even in the year 2016, whether or not we have new version sky3ds, the card can’t be used to run any homebrew apps.  Then, you still have the only one option.  Sky3ds and Ninjhax 2.5/2.6 or other future update. Sky3ds let you play free 3ds games on one hand, ninjhax 2.5/2.6 let you run homebrews&emulators on the other hand. And once Nintendo is trying to stop these 3ds free hacks, you should choose R4 card homebrew hacking.

Where to buy Sky3ds with the best price in this Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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