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10 Tips on choosing flashcart for each 3DS/N3DS/2DS device with V11.3

Here for you guys want to choose a flash cart to 3DS XL/2DS/N3DS console with 11.3 firmware, I write the following 10 tips. It will solve your worry or question on the 3ds 11.3 flashcart and give you the correct advice for specific need.

Tip 1: Which R4 cards are 3ds 11.3 flash cart and which are not?

Bear this in mind, not all R4 cards are supporting the latest 3ds v11.3. The original R4 card like R4I DS or card with similar title but without 3DS mark, these flash carts, they are totally not working on the Nintendo 3DS series handhelds. Now, the R4 cards tested working on 3ds v11.3 well are in the video here. I will also show you the list too.

R4 card supports 3ds 11.3 firmware
  • R4I GOLD PRO 2017
P.S From 2017, R4isdhc snoopy 2015 and R4isdhc upgrade 2015 are not available to buy any more.

Tip 2: Which 3ds 11.3 flashcart supports 3DS Games, or support NDS and 3DS Games?

No 3ds flashcart which supports 11.3 firmware can be compatible with both NDS and 3DS games. You should at least have two 3ds 11.3 flashcarts to play free ds and 3ds games on the system version console.

  • 11.3 3ds flashcarts support DS Games are R4 3DS, like the R4i 3ds sdhc rts, R4i gold pro, R4i gold 3ds rts, Ace3ds Plus and such.
  • 11.3 3ds flashcarts support 3DS Games are only 2 ones, Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds.

Tip 3: Will 3ds 11.3.0 flashcart brick our 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS consoles?

No, the r4 3ds 11.3 flashcarts and the 3ds game 11.3 flashcarts won’t Brick your console in any time in any case. Your gaming device is totally safe when using them, and even you insert these flashcarts to your device, you can do whatever you do as usual. Play online, access eshop or use other functions of 3DS, all are OK to you. Only remember one thing, if you want to go online with Sky3ds+/Sky3ds when playing 3ds games, get the private game header firstly.

Tip 4: Does the 3ds 11.3 flash cart work on DS/DSI/DSI XL/DS Lite?

The R4 3ds 11.3 flash cart can work on DS, DSI, DSI XL and DS Lite consoles. Even they can support DSI v1.4.5. These flash cards supports DS Games on the old NDS series consoles without probolems. But for Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds, they are not compatible with any DS machine. The two 3ds 11.3 flashcarts are supporting 3DS Games, which can’t read by DS/DSI/DS Lite handhelds. The 3ds games are new games, the NDS family consoles only supports old ds games.

Tip 5 Which is the best flashcart to buy for 3DS/3DS XL V11.3? Genenally, it is depended on which games you want to play on 3ds or 3ds xl console.

  1. If you want to play simple old DS games, choose the best R4 3ds 11.3 flash card-R4i 3ds sdhc rts.
  2. If you want to play free 3DS games, choose the best 3ds game 11.3 flashcard-Sky3ds+.
  3. If you want to play old classic games like GBA, GBC, GB, SNES, NES and such, choose Dstwo+ or just homebrew your console with exploits. For example, the Soundhax.

Tip 6: Which is the best flashcart to buy for 2DS V11.3?

DS and 3DS games both are supported by your 2DS console with v11.3.0-36u/e/j. So for playing ds games, choose one r4 3ds flashcart; for playing 3ds games, choose the Sky3ds+. Though sky3ds is also working on 2DS V11.3, when compared with sky3ds+, it is not good to buy at all.

Comparison Sky3ds+ Sky3ds
Compatibility All 3DS Card Games Not compatible with Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and many other games with AP check.
Setup Easy.Format microsd card with Fat32.Install kernel to the microsd card. Download games to the microsd card. Insert Sky3ds+ with sd card to 3DS. Format microsd card with Fat32.Download sky3ds diskwriter and install it onto your PC.Download games from online, flash the games via Diskwriter tool to the sd card. It will take a time, every game should be flashed like this way. Insert Sky3ds with sd card to 3DS.
Use 2 buttons for changing games, also support game selection by press one button multiple times. Only support one button for game switch and every time you only can press one.
Support Exfat Yes, you can play over 4gb 3ds games directly. No, you should trim the rom.
Price $87 $97

Tip 7: Which is the best flashcart to buy for NEW 3DS V11.3?

If you have the NEW 3DS or NEW 3DS XL console, I will recommend you buy the Sky3ds+ and the cheapest R4 card Ace3ds plus to play both 3DS and DS games. Without any doubt, Sky3ds+ is the best choice for playing 3ds games on v11.3 new 3ds handheld. And the Ace3ds plus, which is only costing you $9.9 is a good choice for you do not want to waste more for ds game flash card.

Tip 8: How to use or update R4 card to play DS games on 3DS V11.3.0-36?

All r4 3ds 11.3 flash cards with the similar user guide, even for 3ds v11.3.0-36u/e/j. What you have to do is here to check.

Step A: Format the Microsd card for your R4.

Use the sd fomatter tool to format your new or old microsd card, choose Fat32 is better.

Step B: Install R4 kernel to the Microsd card.

Go to your R4 card’s official site, usually you can know from your card image. For example, if you have R4i sdhc 3ds rts, go to, then choose page download, find the latest kernel version for the R4i 3ds card. Click the download button. Then you will get a zipped file, decompress it with tool WinRAR to 7zip. A new folder you will see, the double click it, copy and past all the contents to your Root of sd card.

Step C: Download DS games to the SD card.

Go to site or other ones, search the ds games you want to download, click the game title and press the download button. Then, you will get a zipped file too. Samely decompress it, put the .ds rom to your sd card root. Now, you can make a new folder called GAMES for saving all ds roms you downloaded.

Step D: Insert R4 to each 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS device.

Put microsd card to R4 3ds 11.3 card. Power on your console, insert the R4 cart to your 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS device slot. Now, a certain Icon will appear on the upper screen. Press button B to enter into the R4 menu, you can play DS Games.

Tip 9: How to use or update Sky3ds+ to play 3DS games on 3DS V11.3.0-36?

Sky3ds+ now with the newest v130 firmware, which supports Pokemon Sun/Pokemon Moon, exFat and many other 3ds games. So for you who get the Sky3ds+ card in the first time, you should update Sky3ds+ to v130 firmware, then use it to play FREE 3DS games on 3DS V11.3.0-36.

How to check your Sky3ds+ firmware version?

Insert one empty microSD card(FAT32) in your sky3DS+ card, and put in your 3DS console, a new settings.txt file will be created automatically in microSD card, open it, you can find the firmware version in the line: “FIRMWARE_VERSION=xxx”.

How to update Sky3ds+ to V130 firmware?

  1. Download and extract the zip file on a PC, copy the “firmware.bin” file into the root directory of your microSD card.
  2. Insert the microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come with).
  3. The LED red light will turn on about 5 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing around 5 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully.

Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card! 4. Delete the “firmware.bin” file in your microSD card.

Tip 10: Where to buy flashcart for 2DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS V 11.3 with cheap price and fast shipping?

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