Can we play gba games on NDS/NDS Lite and which card to buy in 2017?

Is the Nintendo DS or DS Lite compatible with gameboy advance games? If you like me, who is wiling to play GBA games on the NDS or NDS Lite machines but don’t know how to do. After a full research, I found the way and posted this article to you. Right here, you can know whether or not gba game ... Read More »

Super Mario Odyssey-what you may miss on the biggest Mario game in E3 2017?

Super Mario Odyssey is finally unveiled with more trailers and game details from Nintendo Spotlight in E3 2017. This is a sandbox game that is full of different kingdoms for Mario to explore. As like the last biggest Switch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Odyssey is a big focus at the Nintendo’s 2017 E3 showcase in ... Read More »

Ultra Pokémon Sun&Moon will be released for Switch and 3DS?

Announced by yesterday’s Nintendo Pokemon Direct, an updated version of Pokémon Sun and Moon games Ultra Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released for Nintendo 3DS in this fall, 2017. Will this game have a Nintendo Switch version? What’s new for the titles Ultra Pokémon Sun and Moon and is there any news about the rumored Pokemon Stars for NX? ... Read More »

Where to buy free skydock or sky3ds plus skydock with the best price in USA and CA?

The brand-new Sky3ds+ tool-Skydock is released out already, so where you can get it for free and which site selling Sky3ds+ card with Skydock with the best price in USA&Canada? If you can’t decide which reseller to choose for purchasing the 2 3DS hacking pruducts, please allow me to give you suggestion here. Skydock and Sky3ds+, what are they? Sky3ds+-it ... Read More »

Which 3DS and Switch games are free to play in and after Nintendo 2017 ‘Summer of Play’ Tour?

This year’s ’Summer of Play’ Tour has been confirmed and revealed by Nintendo of America recently. In these years, NOA has done a great job, of showcasing various games at expos and at its own special events, expecially in the summer tours. And now in the 2017 summer play tour, when will it begin, where will it take place and which 3DS or Switch game we ... Read More »

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