Stargate 3ds review: Pros, cons and things you don’t know

Stargate 3ds pre-release version is out, here is the current best Stargate 3ds review for reading. It is from the, with nearly every details on the latest 3ds flash cart. Cause it is a rather long review, we will shorten it here and show you some keypoints, such as its pros, cons and things you must know. Stargate 3ds ... Read More »

How to mod Switch system 4.1.0 with the right way?

Latest news on modding Switch Nintendo releases a new system version, that’s v4.1.0. Switch OS kernel has been accessed and dumped by hackers already. If you want to go homebrews and more hacks on Switch, stay firmware 3.0.0. Recently, Switch new system version 4.1.0 is released and available to download. It brings a regular“stability improvements”and also includes a fix for ... Read More »

Stargate 3ds firmware v1.0, its first instruction and where to download?

Stargate 3ds firmware and releasing date is finally unveiled by the official site.  Stargate flash cart v1.0 firmware is out and the formal releasing date will be the next week(Dec. 11th to Dec. 17th). More news and updates about Stargate 3ds flashcard you can check the following. Stargate 3ds-first shipment We are happy to announce that the first Stargate units ... Read More »

Stargate 3ds card-The latest leaking pictures and other information

Stargate 3ds is going to be released finally within the following 2 weeks. For now, we already get a testing Stargate 3ds card and will receive more for selling flashcarts after 1 or 2 weeks as the time of writing this post. And here, the aim we write this article is to share you the latest information and pictures ... Read More »

Pickup flashcard 2018-which one to buy for 3DS/2DS/New 3DS XL?

It’s about picking up a flashcard 2018. Which one to buy for 3DS, 2DS, or NEW 3DS(2DS) XL consoles in the next year? If you do have this question, we will let you know the answer in this post. In 2017, many new flashcartshave be released, such as the Stargate 3ds, R4i gold 3ds plus, R4isdhc b9s, Ace3ds x and ... Read More »

Which cards(R4 or Sky3ds+) work on Pokeball 2ds xl and Zelda 2ds?

Which flashcard plays free games on your upcoming Pokeball 2ds xl or Zelda ocarina of time 2ds console, r4 3ds or sky3ds+? In this article, for you who want to choose a flash cart to either of the 2 handhelds which you bought with a very lower price on this Black Friday, there are some compatible 2ds xl/2ds hacking cards listed ... Read More »

2017 cheapest and best GBA flashcart-EZflash Reform Review

Get a flashcart to play free GBA games on the GBA/SP/NDS/NDSL consoles is still a right choice in 2017 and 2018. So to those of you who is looking for a cheap and good GBA flash card to buy, here let me introduce you the EZFLASH REFORM, which is just released by the famous team EZFLASH one month ago and ... Read More »

NDS Card or DS Emulator, which to choose for playing ds games on 3DS?

DS Emulator works for N3DS is released and there are also many Nintendo ds flash cards to choose for playing ds games in the market. So, which is a better choice, the ds emulator or the ds flashcards R4? Here, you can know the answer. NDS Card-DS Flashcards R4 Here the NDS Cards is neither the commercial ds game cards ... Read More »

How to get free 3ds/eshop 3ds games on Nintendo 3ds(2017-2018)?

You can play free 3ds roms directly on a 3DS and in the same time, you can download and get free games from Eshop too after reading this article. Here we introduce you the Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds, which are flashcarts supporting 3DS/DS roms; Freeshop, which is a homebrew eShop alternative for the Nintendo 3DS, letting you download any games ... Read More »

[Secret]3 ways to play Pokemon ultra Sun&Moon without buying a game card

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon both are finally released, do you want to play the 2 pokemon games without buying any of the cartridges on 3DS? If yes, you can read our article here, we will introduce you 3 ways to play free Pokemon Ultra Sun&Moon on your any 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL console. Each of them is a cheap, easy ... Read More »

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